Terms Of Service

The following terms constitute an agreement between you ("the client") and ServeByte ("ServeByte Limited"). These Terms of Service govern your use of the services provided by ServeByte (the "Services").

BY USING THE SERVICES YOU SIGNIFY THAT YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS OF SERVICE, including that you agree to transact with us electronically and that you consent to resolve in Sligo County, Ireland any dispute that you may have with us, our suppliers, or the Services. Please note that we offer the Services "AS IS" and without warranties.

  1. Forbidden Content

    1. Any copyrighted material without the right of use.
    2. Threatening, racial, or otherwise abusive content.
    3. Fraudulent or "Phishing" Sites.
    4. Spam.
    5. Botnet Controllers.
    6. Any racist, nasty or bad-natured content is not allowed.
  2. Law Compliance

    Any services supplied by ServeByte must not violate any Irish law.

  3. Violations of our Terms Of Service

    1. We will contact the client regarding the violation.
    2. If ServeByte deems the violation to be very serious, the client's service will be suspended immediately.
    3. If the client has not responded to ServeByte regarding a violation in a reasonable amount of time, the client's service will be suspended.
    4. If the client continues to violate our Terms of Service, the client's account will be suspended until we can resolve this issue.
  4. Account Cancellation & Billing

    1. Invoices are created 14 days before the due date. If the client's invoice remains unpaid 2 days after the due date, the client's account will be suspended. After 14 days, the client's account will be terminated.
  5. Backups & Data loss

    ServeByte takes no responsibility for data loss. It is the customers responsibility to backup the necessary data on a regular basis.

  6. Service Level Agreement

    No Service Level Agreement credit will be given for Planned Maintenance Windows or Scheduled Downtime.

  7. Chargebacks and Payment Disputes

    The client must first contact ServeByte to attempt to resolve any billing disputes at least 2 weeks before contacting the bank or credit card company to dispute the charges.

  8. ServeByte's Responsibilities

    ServeByte agrees to furnish services, which are paid for in advance by the client, to the client, subject to complete compliance with these Terms of Service. ServeByte reserves the right to refuse Services to any potential client and/or to deny renewal of Services to any existing client, at the sole discretion of ServeByte.

  9. Email

    ServeByte blocks email sending ports by default for servers. In order to get these ports unblocked, the client must apply in writing. The application should include the domain emails are being sent from and an example email. ServeByte reserves the right to not unblock email ports at the sole discretion of ServeByte.

  10. Software Licensing

    ServeByte may resell software licenses to a client. Unless the client has been clearly billed for the said service, the client must make no assumption that the software licensing is included. The client is responsible for licensing any software which is not directly sold to the client.

  11. Changes to the Terms of Service

    ServeByte reserves the right to change the Terms Of Service at any time, with or without notice at the sole discretion of ServeByte. A change in policy shall not be grounds for early contract termination or non-payment.