About ServeByte Ltd

ServeByte has been providing services to the public since 2005. Our objective is to excel at providing a quality service at a competitive price.

Pre-pay & Save!

During the order process if you opt to pay for more than 1 month at once you get a discount.

Billing CycleDiscount
1 Month0%
3 Month5%
6 Month10%
9 Month15%
12 Month20%

Network Information

Network Speed Test

Test the speed of the network by downloading one of these speed-test files:

Please note that bandwidth limitations by your ISP will influence this test.

Test IP Address

Ping and Traceroute:
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Network Carriers

Level 3
UPC (Liberty Global)
Hurricane Electric

RIPE NCC Membership

ServeByte is an active RIPE NCC Member since April 2013. We have our own IPv4 and IPv6 allocations directly from RIPE. As a LIR we can lease IPv4 and IPv6 allocations to organisations requiring the use of public IP space on their external network.

Meet the team

Carys Thistlethwaite
Account Manager

Josh Jameson
Technical Director
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